A world of RFID / NFC solutions





Empowering your ideas


Cité Trade Tech is a company focused on providing business Solutions with RFID / NFC technology in a Cloud environment and under a SaaS model where the customer only pays for the use made ​​of it. To this aim we have developed a unique and solid technological platform called  Kameleon ™ hat enables full compliance with the requirements of each client ,  in order to be  used as a fully agile, easy and safe tool in their  hands.

How we do it?

In Cite Trade Tech we focus on providing solutions to your needs. So, we have developed a solid and maximum security technology that has been heavily tested both internally and externally. Anyhow,  its application process has been simplified for the customer and can be summarized in four basic concepts:

    • Article identification
    • Mishap reading automatic control
    • Event management reading
    • Simultaneous item and service unit readings


    • Centralized inlay label recording
    • Agile and quick continuous coding
    • Generic and/or single article code


    • Label reading in conformity with assigned reading mode
    • It only validates, doesn’t process readings
    • Buy packing
    • Multiretail / multicompany


    • We define required indicators
    • Comunicate with the client’s systems
    • Avoid complicated exchange tables


Team spirit




“In Cité Trade Tech we are a team of engineers and technicians in computing and electronics, commercial and administrador staff, intensively engaged with the client service and with a common objective: to provide practical solutions to their technology needs. Rather than individuals,  we are a group of professionals serving each Project “

– Francisco Alegre, CEO